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Are you into Whiskey?
Do you want to be?

With direct ties to Ireland and as experts in “uisce beatha,” we boast the largest selection of Irish whiskey in the country. If you’re into whiskey – or want to be – you’ve come to the right place. From the basics to the bold, we have the most comprehensive whiskey list to sip, taste and try. Drink them straight, sample a few, sip on the rocks or enjoy in one of our imaginative cocktails. And see why this is Ireland’s most precious export.

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Why we have so much of it?

Near the end of the 12th Century, a couple of Irish monks trundled their way back from the Crusades to Ireland. Their heads were filled with a distilling process that was used for making perfumes – and they soon started drinking the stuff. Why? We don’t know. No matter, whiskey in its primitive form was born. The first and oldest distilling license in the world was granted to Bushmills in 1409 and Irish whiskey has been enjoyed around the world ever since. Its availability has ebbed and flowed due to wars and revolutions, a meddling British government, prohibition and such obstacles. But, after all, it’s the “water of life” and simply meant to be.

Our goal is to bring in the best uisce beatha here, and that we’ve done. Blended or single pot, from the Republic or from the North, you’ll find all the great whiskeys of Ireland at your fingertips. Some names you’ve heard of, some you have not. Drink them straight, try a few on the rocks or enjoy any in one of our popular whiskey cocktails.

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